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God is never tired of loving you because he first loved you even when you were out there in the world before you came into the word;his unfailing love is clear to everyone that accepts or not.Only humans can get tired of loving God because of the inability to be patient with the way God does his things. Can you be patient for that thing you want from God?


Being Consecrated ..


Its nice having you here again and am sure you are doing fine. My earnest prayer for you today is that you shall be made whole again in Jesus name.

This day I  shall be discussing with us “Being Consecrated”..

The word “Consecration”is not a new word to us neither something difficult to understand,but the way we take it matters.

Consecration means to devote,set apart yourself for the master’s use.It means to totally devote yourself to the service of God and humanity. Romans 12:1 says

  “I beseech you therefore brethren by the holy mercies of God,that ye present your body as a living sacrifice ,holy and acceptable unto the lord ,which is your reasonable service”.

Now,”Consecration accelerates your progress.”

You can’t move effectively when you are heavy but when your luggage is light,you tend to move faster.

As a bus stays at the filling station to refuel its tank until its full,as a car stays in the automobile engineer’s workshop till its fully repaired,it doesn’t move out ;So also you must do”…

The issue with many believers today is that they don’t want to devote themselves for God and yet they want to do exploits..its never done that way.

You can’t give out when you are empty and at the same time ,you cant give what you cannot sustain its strength.There’s is a maximum strength for every exploits only if you can remain at the feet of Jesus .

At the feet of Jesus is chastening ,rebuke,but the outcome of it all is a blessed ray of hope shinning from your generation to other generations just because of one man who refused to glide with the things of the world and choose to remain at the feet of Jesus to be nutured adequately till its time.

Many christians are malnutritioned today ,because they dint allow God to feed them as he wants to ,rather they jump out to do exploits and now they are weary,worn out.

When you stand up to make exploits for God after being fed adequately by him,you will never worn out…

Jesus was fed.;will you allow God to feed you??…

stay blessed..

The Faith Organ…

ITS a privilege sharing this with you and I trust you are already blessed by reading through these.

In this present times and seasons in which everything around us is fashioned out to breath impossibilities,dogmatic mentalities ,and often times doctrinal beliefs which have been misinterpreted and mis-appropriated has been of adverse effect to the body of christ at large.

Everyone is just in the business of let’s do it the way it should be,not considering the way God wants it to be.So many believers have so timed up their minds on certain issues in which they’ve given God the deadline to issues around them and if the needs are not met,they get frustrated.So many have gotten frustrated with the way God handles their life omitting the fact that;

Romans 4:17 says; “(As it is written,I have made thee a father of many nations)before him who believed ,even God,who quickeneth the dead ,and calleth those things which be not as though they were..

” God will not tell you what is possible but the impossible because its beyond your carrying capacity ,so you have no option than to rely on him for strength to go through “..

Its evident that many times a Christian claims that ” With God ,nothing is impossible”..but yet still finds his or herself doubting the course of nature of things if it is God involved.

The scripture says ;Romans 10:10-11

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness ;and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed..

Often times many has forgotten the fact that the heart is not only a pumping organ but also the faith organ. So many has damaged their heart with doubt,unbelief,anxiety,looking at the way the ark of God won’t fall down,many are busy caculating how water will turn to wine in their own case,how a woman with the issue of blood for 12years got healed;how a 38year old lame man walk in just a split second?How Lazarus rose up from the dead after 3days and so on..The question how?keeps ringing in the heart of man.But there’s something to quench the fire of this question “The heart”..

Wanting more of God ,keeps you from being constantly hurt because your heart is been filled with the knowledge of God.The disciples of Jesus come what may ,dint fail to ask Jesus how, reasons why some incidents happened and why they can’t control it and they all got their answers from rabbi(Jesus the great teacher).

Proverbs 4:23 says;

” Keep thy heart with all dilligence;for out of it comes the issues of life”..

The word KEEP implies that you should endeavour all your knowledge about God are kept safe in you beyond any intimidation;you keep nurturing it until it grows wide into every areas of your life.

On the Christian lane,you got to deal with some life issues which are antagonists against your knowledge of God.  Some situations comes to test the tenacity of  your faith which will pass through the heart.Any situation that can overcome your heart,has overcomed you.

So its a great task to KEEP the heart …….

Living among cruel impossibilities,seeing things the way they happen over and over again dulls your faith.

Any new thing comes from the heart ,the way you look at things will change when God has revealed just a perspective of himself to you and keep wanting more.

That’s why you will see an individual living in a pitiable condition and still says”God is Faithful and just!..This ain’t the words of the natural mind but of the spirit…

Breathing unhappily under the last chocking cups of cassava flakes and groundnut in the house after the days arduous task,and still affirming that “My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus”.. This only come from a guarded heart because many imposters would come to portray to him that God is poor and wicked.

A brother boarded a taxi from the bus station.Along the way,he found out that he had forgotten his phone at home which he ought to use for various business transactions at the site of his contract payment.This was so hard for the brother because he dint want to go back home because of the stipulated time given to him by the company .

But alas!there was no way he could go without the phone because all the descriptions ,phone contacts,quotations ,everthing were there on the phone..He alighted from the taxi and went back home even though he was half way the journey..He got home and took the phone and left for the site again.This moment ,the stipulated time to meet the company supervisors has elapsed.He dint allow his heart to get scared of loosing this big time opportunity all because of his negligient attitude towards his phone.Instead he kept the pace .

On getting there,he dint meet anyone at the site of transaction..hmmm…pause and think

What may be going through your mind if you were to be in that situation at that point ???????

This brother,stood there and did the impossible..

He acted out the site transaction by doing a 3 in 1 drama,.transacting ,negotiating with himself as if the officials were present..Funny though …

He was so lost in this act that he dint notice people had gathered watching him as if he had ran mad.The only thing that woke him up was a sudden tap on his shoulder and he looked back and lo and behold it was the officials for the transaction.

The officials went to a nearby restaurant to get something to eat while waiting for this brother and had forgotten that the time they gave for the appointment has elapsed.So they quickly hurried back to the site to see if the brother had not gone because of the fear of loosing their jobs when their boss gets to know .Surprisingly to them, here is the brother displaying the impossible…The transaction was sucessful and life went on.

If you are the brother would your heart fail you at that point?

Would you say God is faithful or not?…


Just as the disciples said “lord increase our faith”… You can do the same..

God bless you




Often times you tend to trust God in various situations you find yourself knowing fully well that its only God that handle that very situation that has lost its handle.

It isnt enough to know God is capable;it is sinking into the depth of his promises that counts.

Now Faith is NOT a cheap talk ,a chat ,a blog,an SMS,a tweet ,a feeling; its a decision from the inside.

Faith makes you stronger in the face of adversity knowing full well that God will plead your cause;speaking like Esther

“If I perish I perish….

Faith isn’t a feeling you possess,it is borne out of the drive from the inside ;Dealing,planning and acting on what you do not see.

Most times things you see,don’t build up your faith as things unseen.Of course we know that the senses can deceive;it can grow weary,ineffective but  FAITH keeps you in motion even when the traffic is stocked up.

Below are some instances to have faith in God ;check yourself with these instances as to know your level of faith in God..Its no big deal though.

1.You are climbing a ladder and suddenly one of the hook feel off and its dangerous to look down,nor pick it up ,nor move forward,you are just stocked there.hmm….can you have faith in God ??

2.Youve already boarded a taxi and you remembered that you forgot your wallet at home some miles away in which you can’t go back ,can you have faith in God??

3.Your father told you he can’t afford your exam fees,and yet the exam is the next day,can you have faith in God ??

Faith is not a myth;its a fact ….

Stay blessed..


At times when you don’t expect somethings to come into place at a particular time and it comes gbam!!!!..then you are in for a surprise.

Tade is a first class graduate of a well known university,with a discipline in Psychology.Throughout his days in the university,he was a brother to brothers,he was someone that could go extra mile just to make someone else’s life to be better not minding his own life pursuit.He gave himself to the service of God with the whole of his heart and mind,and he never missed programmes for once.

Hmmm…something was going on in Tade’s life pursuit .,let’s check it out…..

He was never for once accepted at companies he went for interviews,he would pass the test successfully but he won’t be employed,he kept on trying companies here and there by submitting CVS where there are vacancies and no vacancies.

When God decides to honour you,it comes easy because you are favoured already ,to you its comes as a surprise”..

One bright morning,Tade as usual after doing his morning chores went in search of job again ,hoping Someone would just employ him.He was going on the bike when suddenly a jeep which was on a high speed splashed water on his cloth when the car bumped into a gallop.

Tade was depressed because he only had a few cloth to change into ,but this car had spoilt his day.One would think he would go back home to change but he didn’t rather he pressed on saying ” what will be will be”…while still on the bike.

He got an establishment in which there was no vacancy but he applied by dropping his CV with the receptionist that anytime there’s a vacancy ,he should please be notified .

As he was about to leave the reception ,there came in a tall,dark,slim man walk into the reception dressed in Ankara and carrying a brief case.Tade in his depression couldn’t even sight the man but the man recognised him.He was the one whose car splashed water on Tade while he was on a high speed but Tade dint know.

He called him and asked about his welfare and what brought him there,then Tade narrated his ordeal…

Without any interview,Tade was employed by the man immediately.You need to see how Tade was sobbing with tears of joy uncontrollably.He could not fathom why he was employed by that man on that basis.

Is it because of his ordeal ?he asked the man and he said no.Then why ?Tade asked

The the man replied,”I was the one that my car splashed water on you the other time you were on the bike,I observed you from my rear mirror,I saw how depressed but determined you are.

“I wanted to alight from my car to apologise but I was in hurry to deliver a parcel to my boss who needed it urgently” so on that basis I employed you because of your determination and humble spirit..It really touched me and I learnt to be considerate of others plight even when you are busy with your life pursuit.

All Tade could says while tears were flowing from his eyes,was WOW!!!..Are you determined?

A surprise is coming your way in Jesus name.

Brace Up…##

JUST because your car bumped into a gallop does not mean you should park and stop moving;

JUST because there was power failure some minutes ago,is no excuse to you not to be in need of light again because surely you will

People applaud you yesterday is no reason to stop moving;Even jesus kept moving inspite of all the applause..So keep moving #..

Just because your cloth got burnt while ironing is no reason for you to stay naked all day or better still staying at home;you’ve got enough to do with your life in Christ.Cloth is a minor thing#…pick up another…

If you cant learn how to keep moving even when you have a little bump on the highway ,then you can’t drive a car,you had better board a taxi to drive you but still Christ understands your weakeness

Following Christ is ignoring all odds and looking unto the author and finisher our faith..

#keep moving #keep boiling in the holyghost….


Always Take Time

So many times people believe it is not enough to wait patiently for some things to come through in their lives.You cannot be expecting your package of goodness from God and not take time to wait.

If you cannot wait for certain things to be fulfilled in your life,you may end up eating an half-baked bread.Its obvious many times individuals would want to get things quickly and easily done,but forgetting this simple truth that;

Its not how fast you get it;its how much you are able to attain by your level of patience.

Always take time to check your attitude at various heights God has elevated you to,remembering that it wasn’t your attitude that brought you that far but grace made you progress geometrically.

” It wasn’t your character that brought you this far,but God’s grace propelled you even when you are not worthy.Your attitude,character,charisma is only needed to keep and maintain the position you’ve found yourself”.Stay careful!

Many at times,you just have to take a time out to check how many people you’ve treated nicely with the current position you’ve found yourself.

You are looking for the spare key of your car in your room and you keep scattering everywhere thinking “where did I drop it”???? ….why not take time,sit down for a moment and recall where you placed the key.Most times,its not that you can’t remember where you dropped it,its just you are too tensed up with finding it…

” When take time to check things out,then you have found an escape route out of worry”..

With Jesus you are safe……

Being yourself…..

Its interesting to know that a lot of benefits lies in identifying the person of whom you are.If you must be yourself,you must endeavour to find out yourself.

However,its not enough to identify the person of whom you are,or the content of what you carry;but what crowns it all is an effective maximization of potentials discovered by you in you.

David,the son of Jesse the last born of the family before he became king David,had identified himself as a warrior for the lord at the early stage of his life;looking at what God helped him to do.Not until he killed Goliath the philistine before he had maximized what he’s got.But he had identified himself long ago.

“Before unlimited exploits can set in,identification is necessary for Glorification.

A policeman will not ask for the name of your car while inspecting because its bodly written or inscribed with the manufacturer’s design.

 When you are yourself,people cant struggle to identify you because your personality can be plainly read”….Stay inspired through Christ.